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The spanish entry: from A to Z

Less than  one month before the ESC Grand Final we tell you everything you must know  about the Spanish  entry.

A is for "Asturias"                                                    
In the north of Spain , is the land of origin of El Sueño de Morfeo, and a strong influence to their music. Both the official video of the song and the postcard for the  ESC final were recorded in Asturias.

Milena Brody
B is for "Brody"                                                       
Milena Brody is a young ukranian singer, violinist, and songwriter.  She started her musical studies in Ukraine and, at the age of 9, she moved to Spain were she started singing in gospel choirs and studied violin with important professors. She is currently studying engineering and is part of the Community of Madrid Youth Orchestra.

She will be on the stage in Malmoe singing the chorus and playing violin.

C is for "Celtic"                                                        
Celtic music is one of the symbols of identity of El Sueño de Morfeo. In 'Contigo hasta el final' we can hear an epic introduction with an asturian bagpipe played by José Tejedor.

David Feito
D is for "David"                                                       
David Feito is the acoustic guitarist and second voice in ESDM. Since he was a child he felt attraction to music. His brothers and parents helped him take his first steps with the guitar. At the end of the high school he started studying economics as he combined with conservatory. He soon realized that he preferred the score to counting.

He is enthusiastic about sports, specially soccer, and flying. From time to time he pilots a small plane.

E is for "ESDM"                                                      
ESDM is the acronym for El Sueño De Morfeo. They invented this abbreviation specially for Eurovision, to make an easier international communication.

Morpheus, god of dreams, was responsible for bringing the dreams to humans. He was the only one who couldn't sleep so Morpheus dream was somewhat paradoxically impossible. For the band to be able to live from music was an impossible dream that came true so they decided to name themselves El Sueño De Morfeo (Morpheus Dream).

Fernando Alonso
F is for "Fernando"                                                    
Fernando Alonso, the Formula One driver, is Raquel's former husband and he is now a very good friend of hers. Sometimes they have public conversations on Twitter. Before the final selection with the three ESDM competing songs he said on this tweet  "#contigohastaelfinal The coolest one!! No doubt!! ", and when the official video came out he sent "12 points" to Spain

Gran Canaria
G is for "Gran Canaria"                                           
One of the Canary Islands, Gran Canaria is the birthplace of Raquel. It gives her that special accent that makes her sound so sweet.

H is for "Horse"... and "Humor"                           
In the official 'Contigo hasta el final' videoclip there is a white horse. Raquel meets him as a metaphor of love. Finally they go by the seashore at full gallop. A stunt double was required to record that risky scene.

If you want to smile Click here.;)

Internal selection
I is for "Internal selection"                                        
As they did last year with Pastora Soler, the Spanish broadcaster, RTVE, selected internally their representative for Eurovision Song Contest 2013. The song was chosen afterwards in a televised national final. Two songs were directly in the final, and the last song was chosen by public over the internet. The winning entry was chosen by a mix of jury and public votes.

Juan Suárez
J is for "Juan"                                                             
Juan Suárez is the guitarist in ESDM. He studied Business Administration at the University of Toledo. The guitar and his passion for music was the cause it took him almost seven years to finish his studies. He still works as an economist and combines it with ESDM and Ewan, a clothing brand of his own.

He lives with his family in Salinas a small coastal town, where all the kids surf, skate or play an instrument. So, he and all his friends grew up playing guitar, bass, or drums. They used to play in the garage music they liked, that was closely linked to that Californian punk-rock and grunge of Seattle. And so he spent over ten years in bands with wonderful friends (Two Days After, Hard Ups, Noon, ...)

He met David and Raquel one summer at Salinas and there was very good chemistry between the three.

K is for "Rock"                                                        
This year the ESC will be heavy on ballads. "Contigo hasta el final" is a mid-uptempo that  finally leads to a rocker theme full of energy.

Light and Love
L is for "Light" and "Love"                                     
In 'Contigo hasta el final' light is also a metaphor for love. The lyrics say "You are that light, that crosses the universe, you urge me to fly, with you until the end" This idea is very present in the clip and we are sure it will be present too in one way or another at Malmö. 

Mey Green
M is for "Mey"                                                       
Mey Green was a backing vocalist for Pastora Soler last year and thus returns on Eurovision stage for the second time. She has also participated the Spanish national final in 2011, before that she had participated The X Factor and starred musicals like "We will rock you", "Ane Frank's diary", or "Pretty woman". Her debut album, "My dream", was released last year. 

N is for "Songwriters"                                               
ESDM allways write their own songs, and for the ESC they didn't make an exception. Although some singers or bands often turn to "eurovisive" composers when they plan to  participate in the ESC, ESDM decided to remain faithfull to their style, so they composed all the themes for the spanish national selection, including 'Contigo hasta el final'

O is for "Optimism"                                                  
Optimism is a charasteristic of ESDM songs. Their last album was named "Buscamos sonrisas" (we are looking for smiles).

Pedro Castro
P is for "Pedro"                                                         
Pedro Castro is a photographer and filmmaker. At the age of 20 recorded his first music video in sweden and soon after he participated in "The last days" a documentary produced by Steven Spielberg that won the Oscar in that category in 1999. Raquel's boyfriend has a very extensive curriculum, working with artists such as Julio Iglesias, John Secada, Chayanne, Carlos Baute, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, or Alejandro Sanz, who called him "artist" due to his work  directing "Looking for Paradise" videoclip with Alicia Keys.

He was nominated to the Grammy awards in 2003 and 2005.

Pedro is the director of 'Contigo hasta el final' official videoclip and will be in charge of the scenography in Malmoe.

Q is for "Quality"                                                    
Beyond personal preferences, this year Spain wants to continue the way started with Pastora Soler, sending established artists with a solid career and letting them do it. Everything from music to scenography is decided directly by ESDM and their team. 

Raquel del Rosario
R is for "Raquel"                                                     
Raquel del Rosario is the vocalist of ESDM. At the age of 14 she started writing the first of many songs. Raquel, a self-taught musician, was 17 when she met David Feito from Asturias, who headed a Celtic-based music group. In 2000 Raquel left her native Gran Canaria for Asturias. She has written and composed most of their songs with the help of David and Juan.

S is for "Ship"                                                           
ESDM travels to Malmö by ship!! Their journey begins May 3rd from La Coruña, the next day they will be in Bilbao and May 9th in Hamburg. Their estimated arrival date to Malmö is May 11th.

T is for "Twelve"                                                     
At the Eurovision Song Contest, twelve is the lucky number. Although this year neither Andorra nor Portugal will give it to Spain, from The Green Room we want to send a very big twelve to ESDM!

U is for "YOU"                                                  
In the ESC you are very important. Support your favourite artists, share their songs!

V is for "Voice"                                                       
Raquel's vocals have been both lauded and criticised. She has a very special, warm and sweet voice, that perfectly fits the message of their songs. She demonstrates that feelings are not a matter of power but of sensibility.

With you until the end
W is for "With you until the end"                         
ESDM has recorded an english version of 'Contigo hasta el final' in order to promote it before the ESC. They decided not to use the same videoclip and just change the audio, but to instead use new images.

The song talks about two people who meet and rediscover love. They decide to undertake together the journey of life, to the end.

X is for "Xemá"                                                      
In 2000 Raquel left Gran Canaria for Asturias with David and in 2002 joined his group, Xemà, with a clear influence of Asturian folk music. Their debut album, 'Del interior', was released that same year. Soon after Raquel and David met Juan Luis Suárez , and in 2003 the three created El Sueño de Morfeo.

Y is for "Yoga"                                                       
Besides music, fashion, and photography, Raquel is enthusiastic about yoga and meditation. We hope it will help her to reach the Grand final full of calm and energy!

Javi Méndez
Z is for "Méndez"                                                    
Javi Méndez has been in music business for 25 years now and has done all kinds of things including singing, composing and playing instruments. He has had nearly 2,000 gigs and has cooperated with many artists. He will complete the band on stage.

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